Shortbread Prep: 15mins | Bake: 25mins Ingredients 500g Nelstrop Plain Flour 320g Salted Butter 100g Caster Sugar Method Step 1: Place all the ingredients into a mixer with a beater and mix for 1 minute on slow speed and 2 minutes on medium [...]



Pizza Prep: 3hr 15mins | Bake: 15mins Ingredients 500g Nelstrop Forza Flour 8g Salt 10g Sugar 25g Olive oil 15g Instant yeast 300g Water Method Step 1: Place all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix them together.  Then turn out the [...]

Gingerbread People


Gingerbread People Prep: 15mins | Bake: 15mins Ingredients Step A: 175g Golden Syrup 62g Softened Butter Egg 1 Medium Egg (50g) 150g Sugar Step B: 375g Nelstrops Plain Flour 5g Bicarbonate Of Soda 5g Ginger Method Step 1: Place all the ingredients from [...]

Fruit bread


Fruit bread Prep: 3hr 20mins | Bake: 35mins Ingredients 500g Nelstrop Traditional Strong White Flour 8g Salt 25g Easy Bake Yeast 40g Butter 50g Sugar 5g Cinnamon 2g Nutmeg 2g Ginger 270g Water 225g Currents 225g Sultanas Method Step 1: Add all the [...]

Banana Bread


Banana Bread Prep: 10mins | Bake: 50mins Ingredients 140g Butter 140g Caster Sugar 2 Medium Eggs (100g) 180g Nelstrops Self-raising flour 2 Ripe Mashed Bananas 125g Crushed Walnuts Method Step 1: Put the butter and caster sugar in a mixing bowl and mix [...]

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