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Make The Perfect Mince Pies For Christmas

Flour - The Special Ingredient That Helps You Make The Perfect Mince Pies For Christmas

How to Make The Perfect Mince Pie

Mince Pies are the perfect embodiment of Christmas for families throughout the country. A quick internet search will provide you with thousands of recipes for these deceptively simple Christmas treats.

Dig a little deeper, however, and you will also discover a myriad of questions and problems that home bakers are trying to resolve, from crumbly pastry to cracking pies, so this article is written with the intention of helping all of you enthusiastic bakers to bake the perfect mince pies that will give your legendary status within your family circle.

Nelstrop Flours - The Key Ingredient To Deliver Mince Pie Perfection

Although it may seem rather obvious, flour is overwhelmingly the main ingredient that will help you to deliver the ultimate mince pie.

Although many people would assume it is the mincemeat, the reality is that if the outer shell of the mince pie cracks or crumbles, people will not get to enjoy the delicious mincemeat inside.

If anything, that is then more likely to dribble down their fingers or onto their clothing. Nelstrop is a traditional flour miller, and we have been in the industry for over 200 years. We have consistently refined our flour-making process, sourcing the best local wheat to ensure that the quality and consistency of our flour delivers outstanding results you can rely on.

What Type of Flour Delivers The Best Mince Pies?

Mince Pies are made from buttery shortcrust pastry, of which the key ingredient is Plain flour. Nelstrops Plain flour is milled from 100% English wheat which can all be traced back to the farm where it was grown. It comes in 16 kg Bags, with a 12-month best-before date from the day of milling so that you can buy with confidence.

Why Do My Mince Pies Always Crumble?

Mince Pies
The most common mistake that people make when baking mince pies is not allowing them to cool completely before moving them from the oven to the wire cooling rack. This is understandable because freshly baked mince pies look, taste and smell so delicious, but if you can exercise a little restraint, then the rewards will far outweigh your sense of frustration at having to wait a few more minutes.

The other cause of crumbly mince pies is to handle them as little as possible. An excellent tip we learned from one of the best bakers we have ever worked with is to turn the mince pies out onto the wire cooling rack when they are ready. This removes any touching of the mince pies whatsoever and should virtually eliminate the risk of them falling apart.

Christmas Is Coming, So Order Today To Ensure A Plentiful Supply of Delicious Mince Pies For The Festive Season

Christmas is only a few weeks away. You can order Nelstrops Plain Flour here, and we will deliver it to you quickly and efficiently, giving you ample time to start creating those delicious mince pies which enhance the Christmas experience.

Click Here To Order Nelstrops Plain Flour

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