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Wholegrain Nelstrops Flour Mills

The Exciting and Rapidly Growing World of Whole Grain Bread

Whole Grain BreadWhole-grain bread is gaining significant popularity as people focus on healthy diets and improving their lifestyles. As an artisan baker, this provides you endless opportunities to expand your range and appeal to an even wider band of customers.

Whole grain flours not only influence the taste of your bread, but they will also change the texture, which many people actually prefer. As a passionate and enthusiastic manufacturer of whole grain flour, we are excited at what the future holds and the never-ending possibilities coming over the horizon. It has never been a more exciting time to be an artisan baker, so embrace the change and reap the rewards.

The Anatomy of Whole Grains

Although you don't necessarily need to understand the granular (excuse the pun) level of grain to be an excellent baker, it certainly helps. A wheat berry or kernel contains three main parts: bran, germ, and the endosperm.

The bran is essentially nature's method of protecting the main part of the grain from the elements. The germ will essentially turn into a future wheat plant, while the endosperm is the part of the grain where the food lives. The endosperm stores energy from which the baby plant can grow until such time as it is mature enough to photosynthesise on its own.

Whole Grains Provide a Better Bang For The Buck in Many Ways

Bearing in mind that the endosperm accounts for roughly 83% of the weight of every grain, it naturally provides us with the greatest proportion of carbohydrates and protein.
The endosperm is the part of the grain which becomes white flour during the milling process. The bran makes up around 14.5 % of the grain's weight, and it incorporates a very small amount of protein but has a high percentage of B Vitamins and dietary fibre. The germ makes up the final 2.5% of the grain's weight, is high in fat and contains additional B vitamins, along with some trace minerals.

The key benefit of wholemeal flour versus white flour is that you are getting all of the nutrition of the bran and the germ, which you will not get in white flour, as these parts are removed during the process of creating white flour. This is also the main reason why the nutrition content of white flour is much lower than that of whole grain flour.

It's Not Just About The Nutrition Whole Grains Just Taste Better

Another reason why whole grain is becoming more popular is the taste. A lot of the flavour and, indeed, the aroma of the grain is contained within the germ and bran. Bran, for instance, is very rich in phenolic compounds, which then strengthen the seedcoat. Every type of grain that we use at Nelstop has a distinctive aromatic flavour.

Whole wheat has a range of flavours, including caramel, vanilla, raw potato and honey. Whole Grain bread and produce are only going to become even more popular. If you want to expand your horizons and establish your reputation as an artisan baker in your local community, talk to our friendly team today about the Nelstrop range of wholemeal flours.

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