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Artisan Bread

Artisan BreadThe Ultimate Bread That Really Stands Out From The Crowd

If you are trying to improve your baking game and trying to learn all of those tips and tricks that artisan bakeries use, then it almost goes without saying that ingredients are the key.

The better quality ingredients you use, the more likely your bread and cakes will taste better and have the perfect texture you have been trying to achieve. When it comes to choosing flour, Nelstrop takes a great deal of pride in ensuring that the quality of our products are second to none; in fact, as a company, we have been making what we believe to be the best flour possible for over 200 years.

artisan bread recipe

What is the Difference Between Supermarket Bread and Artisan Bread?

As mentioned above, Artisan Bread should be the creme de la creme of bread. Supermarket bread is mass-produced, with the main emphasis being on the volume of bread that can be produced within a specified period of time. It will typically contain a range of additives, and it could be argued is a much more generic taste and texture designed to appeal to as many palates as possible.

On the other hand, artisan bread is typically made by hand using traditional bread-making methods rather than machine-based methods employed by factories or supermarket bakeries. There are only three main ingredients in any artisan sourdough bread - flour, water and salt - no chemical additives, only time.

Why Is Artisan Bread Superior To Mass Produced Bread From A Manufacturer or Supermarket?

artisan bread recipe

Because artisan breads are typically made by hand, each loaf of bread will have its own unique look.

Another key difference and what makes Artisan Bread superior includes but is not limited to The Flavour and Aroma: Artisan bread is made by using the traditional fermentation of yeast or cultures. This, in turn, allows for enhanced flavour development.

Sourdough cultures can be developed by bakers over decades or even centuries and provide a unique depth of flavour, each one individual.

Taste the sourdough bread like you do for wine, noting the aroma and flavour – nutty, sourness, smokey, vanilla notes, caramel, the list goes on.

Presumably, you are reading this article because you have a passion and desire to make your own artisan bread.

We supply hundreds of artisan bakers with flour every year because they simply appreciate the quality, taste and texture that our flours produce.

If you are committed to making your own artisan bread and focused on doing everything in your power to deliver the best results, then order your Nelstrops flour today. We are confident you will be delighted with the results it produces.

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