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Choose The Best Bread Flour

Why It Is Critical To Choose The Right Type of Flour To Get The Best Bread Possible

Buy Nelstrops Bread Flour OnlineOne of the questions we are asked the most revolves around the best type of flour to use to deliver the best results possible, particularly when making bread.
It would seem logical that bread flour, which is what some companies call traditional strong white flour would be the logical choice; after all, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

However, you only need to spend a few minutes searching bread recipes online to discover that there are many recipes whose primary ingredient is all-purpose flour. So it is easy to understand why there could be confusion, particularly amongst people who are trying to make their own bread for the first time.

Use The Right Flour For The Product You Are Making

Choose The Right Type of Bread Flour To Get The Best Results

In our opinion, with many, many years of experience, you should always choose the specific flour that has been made for that purpose. The ‘All Purpose Flour’ is an American term and not relevant for UK bakers.

At Nelstrops, we always recommend our Traditional Strong White Flour because it is specifically designed to deliver outstanding results, whether you are making bread traditionally by hand or using a modern bread-making machine.

While all-purpose flour can make soda bread with the use of bi-carbonate of soda, it is not suitable as a flour that requires fermentation to leaven the dough. When it comes to bread making, you want flour that consistently will produce a high-rising, well-textured loaf, then we would always choose Traditional Strong White Flour.

Part of The Fun With Baking Lies In Experimentation

The beauty of baking at home versus buying any type of bread off the shelf is that you can experiment and try different things. Everyone is different, and there are so many options when it comes to bread, including taste and texture. Rather than stick to the tried and tested recipes that may have come with your bread-making machine, never be scared to experiment with every aspect of the recipe. Try different types of flour, add different ingredients until you stumble upon the type of bread that appeals to your palette.

Speak To The Experts For Ideas or Recommendations

Bread Flour

Everyone at Nelstrops is passionate about flour, and we are always more than happy to help any budding baker with their flour choices. Rather than guess or go with some standard recipe you may have found on the internet, feel free to email us to seek advice. We bake everyday with all kinds of recipes.

This family style of old-fashioned customer service, partnered with what we believe to be the finest ingredients on the market, sets us apart from the competition.

We are confident that once you try Nelstrops, you won’t settle for any other type of flour for your breads and cakes.

We look forward to becoming your flour supplier of choice, please just read the reviews of our products.

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