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The Many Benefits of Buying Flour in Bulk

Buying Flour in Bulk

At Nelstrops, we are firm proponents of selling our flour in bulk because, in our opinion, there are literally so many benefits to the consumer by purchasing flour in this way. In fact, many of our customers have never contemplated purchasing in bulk, and yet once they have experienced even some of the benefits, they quickly become lifelong converts.

Whether you do a lot of home baking, have a large family, or run an artisan bakery, buying flour in bulk makes sense for the following reasons.

Buying Flour in Bulk Reduces Waste

The first main benefit of buying flour in bulk is that it reduces the amount of packaging waste, which in turn is beneficial to the environment. One 16kg bag gives you the same amount of flour as 10-11 1.5kgs bags or even 16 1kg bags.

The government and the vast majority of manufacturers have been actively looking into ways of reducing packaging waste, which occurs naturally when buying in bulk.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Another hidden benefit of buying or indeed selling flour in bulk is the reduction in transportation costs associated with the distribution process. Because the packets are significantly bigger, they can be packed more compactly in our lorries, meaning fewer trips, and along with the financial savings, the important benefit of reducing carbon emissions and, as a consequence, the damage to the environment. As a company that is passionate about environmental issues, this is a key foundation of our business model and commitment to protecting the environment.

Its Easier To Keep Your Kitchen Properly Stocked

You never know when the urge to bake might come along, and not every type of flour is always readily available in a small corner shop on a Sunday evening when you suddenly decide to bake a cake or a speciality loaf of bread. Flour keeps very well if stored in a container with a lid. If you have purchased a range of flour in bulk from Nelstrops, then it is highly likely that you will have every eventuality covered and will not be caught out again.

Save Yourself Some Money

Another benefit of buying in bulk, particularly in the current cost of living crisis, is that buying in bulk typically saves you money, both in the cost of the ingredients but also because if you have a large volume of flour in your kitchen or bakery, that is likely to last you significantly longer, protecting you from what seems to be the never-ending food inflation that the UK is currently experiencing.

Another way in which buying in bulk saves you money is that it reduces the number of trips you have to make to the supermarket, and furthermore, let's be honest, there are very few of us who can go to the supermarket and only purchase the items on our list. There are always so-called bargains to be had, or buy 3 for the price of 2 deals, which encourage us to spend money that we don't need to. By buying in bulk direct from Nelstrops, all of those temptations are removed, and the flour comes direct to you.

Whether you are an enthusiastic home baker or have just opened an artisan bakery, Nelstrops Flours can help. Call our friendly customer service team today on 0161 480 3071 to discuss the options available to you, or visit our website at

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