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What is 00 Flour?

If you have recently got into baking bread, or perhaps you have just purchased your first-ever pizza oven, then maybe you are researching to find the best possible ingredients.

After all, the taste and overall enjoyment of any food product is directly related to the quality of the ingredients used. When it comes to creating the ultimate pizza base, then, in our opinion, 00 Flour is the ultimate flour of choice and is virtually guaranteed to produce the perfect pizza base time after time.

00 Flour Explained: What Is 00 Flour?

What is 00 Flour?

Pizza is, of course, the prerequisite food of Italy, which is why you will not be surprised to hear that 00 or double zero flour predominantly originates from Italy. 00 Flour is an extra fine white flour that is precisely milled to produce the finest texture possible.

This flour gets its name because, in Europe, flour is graded on how finely it is milled. 00 is the finest grade of all, with two being at the other end of the scale.

The process of producing 00-grade flour involves only taking the very purest inner core from the wheat grains. Once the rough bran has been removed, the next stage of the process is to pass the flour through the mill several times until it finally ends up with an extra fine consistency.

Why is 00 Flour Such A Good Choice For Making Pizza Bases?

With the exception of deep crust pizza, the aim with most pizza bases is to make a thin and crispy base. One of the key benefits of 00 flour is that it enables you to make a finer, more responsive dough, which does not tear or rip even when rolled into a very thin state. Compare this to all-purpose flour, for instance, and the differences are dramatic.

What is 00 Flour?

What Is The Best Way To Cook 00 Pizza Crust?

The simple answer to this question is to cook your pizza at an extremely high temperature to produce the sought-after crispy and flakey texture that simply melts in your mouth and tastes oh-so-good.

Making homemade pizza with the kids in your wood-fired pizza oven is also great fun and educational. It allows each child to make their own pizza with whichever toppings they prefer.

What Are The Key Differences Between Plain Flour and 00 Flour?

The easiest way to explain the differences between these two types of flour is that plain flour is an all-rounder variety of flour, whereas 00 flour is a very specialised type suitable for a specific purpose. 00 Flour is also made from hard wheat, while plain flour is not. The end result, at least in terms of a pizza base, is that plain flour will give you a softer pizza base versus the thin and crispy base that 00 flour produces.

What Are The Key Differences Between Plain Flour and 00 Flour?

At Nelstrops, we don’t just make flour; we are obsessed with it. In fact, we love nothing more than talking to our customers and providing them with tips or advice on how and why using our range of flours delivers excellent results repeatedly. If you want to amaze and impress your family with your bakery skills, then talk to our friendly team today, and we will ensure that you purchase the best possible flour for your specific needs.

Nesltrop Flour is the secret in hundreds of artisan bakeries the length and breadth of the country. Join the Nelstrop community, and you will never look back.

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