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Did You Get A Breadmaker For Christmas?

Here Are The Top Tips To Deliver The Best Bread Your Have Ever Tasted

Did You Get A Breadmaker For Christmas?

Many people will have been given breadmakers as a unique but also useful Christmas present, and once you have mastered the skill of making your own bread, it could quite conceivably be the best Christmas gift you have ever received.

Many people however are a filled with a little trepidation when using their breadmaker for the first time, even though there really is nothing to be concerned about. In this article, we will give you the top tips you need to make sure that your bread is the talk of the town.

Utilise The Dough Making Setting on Your Bread Maker

Flour Dough

Perhaps the most important tip that most people fall foul of when using their bread maker is not taking full advantage of the dough setting on their bread maker. If anything one of the issues with most bread makers is that they simply do not get hot enough to create that ultra crispy crust we all love. Add to that the fact that most bread makers do not conform to the traditional size of a typical loaf of bread. Finally, when the bread is baked in a breadmaker the mixer attachment is still inside the dough leaving you with a large gaping hole in your loaf as a consequence.

Although this method might involve a little more organisation, rather than just clicking a button and letting the machine do its magic, the trick is to use the dough making setting. Essentially you get your bread machine to do the mixing and the proofing of the dough before transferring the dough to a pre-heated oven to complete the baking process. This essentially provides you with the best of both worlds, a properly mixed dough which then turns into a beautiful crisp bread you will be proud of.

Choose The Right Flour

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Flour is the key ingredient in bread and the quality of the flour you use will directly correlate to the quality and consistency of the final product. There are obviously many different varieties of flour that you can use whether that is traditional strong white flour, wholemeal or multi-seed and flake for instance. Whatever type of flour you need or indeed choose, always use a top quality brand, such as Nelstrop. Nelstrop have been the leading suppliers of flour to the finest artisan bakers for over 200 years and have won multiple 3 star Golds in the Great Taste Awards.


Test Test and Test Again


Very few people end up baking their first-ever loaf to perfection, it takes time and practice to truly refine the art. If the first few attempts don’t go to plan, then do not give up, keep experimenting. The best advice would be to initially at least follow the recipes that come with your new bread machine. It is also important to add the ingredients in the correct order, primarily ensuring that you add yeast last in order to ensure that the dough rises properly.

Owning your own bread maker is in our opinion one of the best kitchen gadgets anyone could have and it opens up so many opportunities. Embrace your new machine, experiment, and very quickly you will never want to buy or indeed settle for a shop-bought loaf ever again.

Now that you have the equipment all that is required is to invest in the highest quality ingredients. For all your flour needs, and the convenience of door to door delivery visit your home of the best flour money can buy.

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