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Four Tips From The Experts That Will Help You Become a Master Baker

Master Baker

Baking is a relatively simple and enjoyable experience which can also be extremely frustrating.

One batch of your bread, cookies or cakes can turn out perfectly, only for the next batch to fail to rise to the occasion, literally. At Nelstrops we have worked with thousands of bakers over the years, and in our frequent discussions, they have provided us with numerous tips and tricks of the trade. We have put together a list of four of the most popular tips which if implemented will help you to deliver the best baking products time and time again. Let's get started:-

1. Get To Know Your Oven

Master Bakery

Not all ovens are identical, in fact in our experience even ovens made by the same manufacturer can deliver significantly different results, which is why it is essential that you get to know and indeed understand your oven.

Certain ovens will run slightly hotter than you expect while others will run slightly colder. Rather than guess our advice is to invest in an oven thermometer. These are relatively inexpensive but will enable you to know with confidence the exact temperature of your oven. Another important and related tip is to ensure that you preheat your oven every time.

We have all been at the point where we are impatient to get baking, and think that a few minutes won't make any difference, but unfortunately it is these little details that can be the difference between perfection and disaster.

2. Do your very best not to Under or Overmix

Four Tips From The Experts That Will Help You Become a Master Baker

One of the most common mistakes that novice bakers make for baking bread is to undermix. Nelstrops Traditional Strong White and Strong Wholemeal flours are literally that… strong. This means to get the best out of them the dough should be fully kneaded and developed.

If kneading by hand, work hard at the dough, its better for the bread, and you get to burn some calories at the same time! If using a machine, use the full amount of time, and even if you mix a little longer with Nelstrops quality flours it is unlikely you will overmix.

For cakes it is the opposite - be careful not to overmix. It is tempting to mix the batter a little too much, thinking that it is better to overmix rather than being worried about it not quite mixed enough.

However, the reality is that by overworking your batter, you can destroy the texture, which in turn can lead to cakes not rising. Always err on the side of safety, gently mixing the required cake ingredients for the exact required time.

3. Invest In The Highest Quality Ingredients

Nelstrops FlourThe taste, texture and characteristics of the finished product are directly related to the quality of the ingredients that you use in the baking process. This includes every ingredient, from flour to chocolate, butter to sugar.

Flour is obviously the most critical ingredient as it is typically the ingredient that is used most in any recipe. That is why, in our humble opinion!, it is essential that like thousands of artisan bakers in the United Kingdom you invest in quality flour from Nelstrops Flours.

With over 200 years of experience in the industry, purchasing your flour from Nelstrop will ensure that your final baked products will be of the highest possible standard.

4. Read The Recipe From Start to Finish…

Baking a CakeMost people decide that they are going to bake a cake or some bread on the spur of the moment, and then buoyed by excitement or enthusiasm, they rush into the process without reading the recipe properly. Then halfway through the process, they read a critical component of the recipe that they haven't factored in, such as allowing time for the dough to chill, or making sure that they have all of the ingredients. This is why it is critical that you invest a little time before you start baking, confirm that you understand everything that needs to be done and that you have all of the ingredients before you start.

By taking your time, and following the tips above you will quickly improve your baking skills and be able to deliver high-quality baked goods time after time. Always remember that the team at Nelstrop are always more than happy to offer help or advice if required to ensure your journey to master baker continues unabated!

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