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Nelstrops Flour: The Ultimate Ingredient For Your Artisan Bakery Without Costing The Earth

Nelstrop Artisan Bakery Flour

Any artisan baker will tell you that your choice of ingredients will be directly related to the quality, taste and texture of your final product, and perhaps more so that applies to artisan baking, where customers expect that little bit of extra flavour. When it comes to quality, Nelstrop has built its entire reputation on producing what we believe to be the finest flour in the marketplace, but this is not the only factor that we take into consideration when sourcing our grain.

The environment is critical to our company and, indeed, the future of our children, which is why we have implemented a range of policies that are designed to ensure that Nelstrop's impact on the environment is minimal. This is not just a policy blurb to make us look good; this article will highlight some of the many things we do as a part of our commitment to a healthy, more sustainable flour-making environment.

Artisan Bakery Flour

Local Traceable Flour

One of the most significant ways in which modern agriculture can damage the environment is with the use of, and production of, fertilisers. At Nelstrops, we work in conjunction with a local farmer and Cheshire and Greater Manchester councils to utilise green bin waste. This waste is turned into a nutritious compost which is then spread on the fields where the wheat we use in Nelstrop Cheshire Flour is grown. Such has been the success of this project that the BBC News recently featured us in a feature entitled Green Futures.

Another critical factor in our flour-making process is the choice of farmers we use to produce our flour or, perhaps more importantly, the location of those farmers. We recognise that to reduce our carbon footprint we need to minimise the road miles incurred when producing and delivering our products. One of the easiest ways in which we can reduce the carbon footprint on the production side is to choose farms that are as close as possible to our mill, which consequently ensures that the flour is not being transported over an excessively long distance. Over 80 per cent of our wheat comes from within England (the remaining 20 per cent comes from Canada and Germany where certain unique high quality wheat varieties are grown), and all of our English wheat flour can be traced back to an individual farm where it was grown.

Sustainable Forest Stewardship Approved Packaging

Of course, it is not just about the flour itself; it is also important to think carefully about the way in which our flour is packaged.

This is why all of our flour is packed into recyclable paper bags, which are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forestry.

A Zero Waste Policy Within The Mill

Another way in which we show our commitment to the environment is the fact that we utilise every aspect of the wheat and try not to waste any of it. Any grain not used in making flour for whatever reason is used to make animal food and therefore kept within the food cycle.


Strategic Delivery Process

Another strategy we use to reduce our environmental footprint is to strategically plan our delivery routes, minimising any wasted space and maximising the amount of deliveries we send out on each run. This not only reduces the amount of vehicles we have to use but also reduces the mileage and fuel that we use.

Solar power and LED Lighting Upgrades

Nelstrop Artisan Bakery Flour

As you can imagine, the mill where the magic takes place takes a lot of power to run everything.

One of the things we have done to minimise our electric usage is to invest in a significant solar power installation and LED lighting throughout the mill. In addition, we have also invested in the most energy efficient electric motors, which further reduces our environmental impact.

At Nelstrops, we are committed to delivering the best flour in the industry, but we are also not prepared to compromise in any way on our values in regards to the environment. We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact.

When you buy your flour from Nelstrops, you can guarantee that you are buying the best flour for all of your artisan baking, safe in the knowledge that your choice of flour isn't costing the earth!

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