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Self-Raising Flour The Special Ingredient That Always Rises To The Challenge


Self-Raising Flour  

Self-Raising flour is one of our most popular product lines, thanks partly to the wide variety of delicious foods for which it is a key ingredient. 

Self-raising flour is one of the staple ingredients in baking and cake-making. Specialist artisan bakeries buy this flour thanks to the delicious taste and texture of the cakes and other products it consistently delivers.

What Is The Difference Between Self-Raising Flour and Plain Flour?

As the name suggests, the critical difference between Self-raising flour and plain flour is that self-raising flour has a raising agent added to it. Think of self-raising flour as a ready-made ingredient designed to make the cake baking process easier. Some bakers choose to use plain flour as it allows them to add raising agents separately, which can deliver greater flexibility in their baking process.

The History of Self-Raising Flour

Self-raising flour was invented in England back in the 1800s. Its original purpose was to help sailors bake higher-quality food when stuck on a ship for a long time. Like all good inventions, it was a combination of a range of already available ingredients that, when combined, solved a problem. Self-raising flour has since gone on to be used in industry and homes worldwide.

Nelstrops Self-Raising Flour

At Nelstrops, we have a rich history of creating high-quality, tasty, nutritious flour products, and this philosophy is embodied in our self-raising flour products.

Our Self Raising flour is a soft flour with added raising agents which is used by hundreds of artisan bakeries in all kinds of cake making, scones, soda bread, muffins and puddings. It is milled from 100% English wheat which can all be traced back to the farm where it was grown.

Our Self-raising flour comes in a 16kg bag and features a six-month best before date from the date of milling. This means that provided you store it correctly, it will deliver the same outstanding results for up to six months, although experience tells us that our business customers tend to order much more frequently.

At Nelstrops, we are an environmentally friendly company, which is why we package our self-raising flour in craft recyclable paper packaging with paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council featuring a stitched top.

Everyone knows that the secret to baking good cakes, apart from your culinary skills, is choosing the best ingredients available. We are confident that with over 200 years of knowledge and experience within the industry that Nelstrops self-raising flour is one of, if not the best self-raising flour on the marketplace today.

As one of the biggest selling products in our range, it would seem that our customers agree with us, and we retain the same commitment to quality and process that we always have. Our customers do not want to settle for substandard products, which is why they continue to buy from Nelstrops.

Please Click Here to BUY our Self-Raising and help increase the reputation of your artisan bakery with our market-leading ingredients.

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