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Nelstrop Flours - Consistent Winners of The Great Taste Awards

For artisan bakers, two key factors can help set you apart from the competition - the recipe and the ingredients. At Nelstrop Flours, we would never presume to dictate the recipes you choose to use; that, after all, is your trade secret, but we can help by providing you with the best possible flour that delivers outstanding taste time after time that you can rely on.

Using our high-quality, delicious flour, you can establish a reputation for excellence, attracting new customers to your artisan bakery from far and wide. 

Why Use Nelstrop Flours? 

Nelstrop Flours was founded over 200 years ago, and the business has flourished ever since. One of our secrets is that we source the best local and English-grown wheat, where we can trace every grain from the flour back to the farm where it was grown.

In addition, we also source Canadian hard spring wheat due to the benefits this deliver for long fermentation and sourdoughs.

When you buy any product from Nelstrop Flours, you can be totally confident about the quality and taste that it will deliver. 

The Great Taste Awards 

The Great Taste Scheme is the UK’s largest and most trusted awards scheme in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for specialty food and drink. Only the best-tasting products receive the honour of displaying the coveted black and gold logo. The Great Taste scheme was launched in 1983 and is widely recognized as the benchmark for specialty food and drink, which is sold in the United Kingdom. Over 10,000 products attempt to win a one, two or even three-star award every year. As you can imagine, competition is fierce, with every entry facing a rigorous and extensive blind tasting process conducted by acknowledged industry experts. These include chefs, food buyers, critics and retailers. The testing takes place over several months, and eventually, all three-star winners are recalled for one final round. 

Over the years, Nelstrop flours have consistently won Great Taste 3 Star Gold awards, the highest in Great Taste, which only about 200 food and drink products each year will win, from over 10,000 entries.  In other words, Nelstrops flours have been consistently rated in the top 2% best tasting food and drink products in the UK.

This is something of which we are particularly proud, and we feel is both justified and deserved for the effort and commitment every member of our team puts into the preparation and production of our high-quality grains. Winning one Great Taste Award is an impressive achievement, but to do it multiple times and for numerous products is remarkable. 

If you are reading this article, it is evident that you care about the quality of your bread and other products, and perhaps you are searching for the final ingredient that will make your bread or other products stand out from the crowd.

We are confident that our flour is precisely what you are looking for. Indeed, it has helped hundreds of artisan bakers up and down the length and breadth of the country achieve their goals and we would be thrilled to be a part of your story. 

To order our flour today please follow this link  or to discuss your requirements visit the online store or call 0161 480 3071

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